A Problem That Can Be Solved With Money Isn't a Real Problem - Yeah Right!

You've probably heard it time-and-time again, "A problem that can be solved with money isn't a real problem," most likely uttered by someone who has money.

Sure, I get the point they are trying to make. It does make sense, kind of.

Take the person who is suffering from a terminal illness/disease or the person who was in that horrific traffic accident and won't ever walk again. Their problems can't be solved, period - and that's worse, way worse.

My goal here isn't to trivialize those situations at all.

However, in that instance I think the more appropriate categorization is, "A problem that can be solved isn't as significant as a problem that has no solution."

Let's get back to problems that can be solved by money though.

I am here today to say that it's a load of garbage (insert more powerful word if you like) if someone attempts to trivialize your problems if they are centered on money, or more specifically - lack of it.

Unless I am mistaken we live in a very materialistic society. We buy the things we need to survive, be it: clothing, food, shelter, healthcare, etc.

For most, sustenance living is a thing of the past and the days of plowing the land to grow our own food, hunt for our meat and build our own shelter are long gone.

In fact, even if you wanted to do it you would be hard pressed to find a place where you could.

So yes, if you have a problem because you don't have money... You do have a problem! A REAL PROBLEM!

Often it will go well beyond just not having money.

The problem of not having money is like a snowball rolling down the hill. As it goes on, it picks up momentum and speed, undoubtedly getting bigger and bigger.

But the problem doesn't stop with lack of money. No, the stress and anxiety that often follow can create debilitating health issues. These can be temporary, long-term or even fatal.

High blood pressure, panic attacks and depression are all common byproducts created by the problem of not having money.

Some even look to drugs and alcohol to help them cope with the situation at hand.

Others may resort to crime, putting not only their life in danger but the lives of many.

There is an enormous difference between "not having money to do something that you want to do," like buy a new car, take a vacation or just to keep up with the Jones' and "not having money to buy things that you need to survive."

The former, I will agree, is not a problem- an inconvenience maybe, a hit to the old ego and something that may add a little discomfort in one's life. But a problem, no.

The latter however, not only is it a real problem but it is a very dangerous problem.

If you've never had money issues, than I doubt that you can really appreciate what I am talking about. You may try to empathize, but until you've been hospitalized because of anxiety or you've watched your blood pressure skyrocket to new heights then it really is tough to capture the gravity of the situation.

I have always felt this way and I honestly thought I was sympathetic to this situation. It wasn't until I experienced an economic downfall myself (and spent a night in the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack) that I really understood just how serious money problems can be.

Yes, problems that can be solved with money are REAL problems.

The good news is that they don't have to be permanent, most can be solved. Hopefully any damage done as a result is temporary too.

Even if you don't think there is a way out of whatever situation you are in, there is. You just need to stay strong long enough to see it.

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