The Rules of ATM Etiquette Part One

These days we use ATMs or, as some people call them, cash machines on a daily basis to withdraw cash from current and savings accounts. But because we use them so often, many of us have become too used to using them, and have therefore, have lost touch with the once sacred art of so-called ATM etiquette. So, how does one, or indeed anyone conduct themselves when they use an ATM? Here is the first part of a series of guidelines to help you use the ATM with grace, artistry and self awareness.

It's Not All About You
Of course, we all know that when we need to access money from our bank, that heading to the cash machine is a purely selfish act. We need money to pay our bills, buy food, buy birthday presents and even pay for transportation, and so, it's natural to assume that cash machines were created for our needs and wants, and our needs and wants alone. However, other people have needs and wants, and they will also need to use the ATM. We're all used to seeing people queueing to use an ATM, and so, one of the most important things to remember is that when you use a cash machine, that you don't take up too much time. Have your card ready and waiting to be used, and if you must use more than one card, then have that card ready too, because searching around in your bag for the appropriate card takes up a lot of time, and tries the patience of everyone who's waiting behind you in the queue.

Try a Little Tenderness
By tenderness, of course, decency is more appropriate when applied to ATM behaviour. Because everyone has to use the ATM, you need to keep your eyes on any changes to the machine - especially if it looks like it has been tampered with in some way. However, the second most important thing to do, is if the machine runs out of money, and there is a queue of people waiting behind you, to tell them that the machine needs to be refilled. This is a case of simple courtesy, as there is nothing more upsetting than waiting for a while to use the ATM, only to find out that the person in front of you got the last of the cash, and didn't tell you. We all have to use cash machines, so why not be as considerate to other users as possible, and let them know if the machine isn't working, or better still advise the vendor of any problems with the machine, as they will be able to contact the ATM management company, and have them come and fix it. This way, nobody is very experienced for very long, and the cash machine will be up and running a lot quicker.

Using the ATM may be a daily occurrence for some people, but that doesn't have to mean that we should become rude and disillusioned when we use them. So, look out for your fellow user, be polite and respectful the next time you're withdrawing cash.

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