The Importance of Enterprise Investment Schemes

The DECC or the Department for Energy and Climate Change has found that the United Kingdom government's policies to increase energy efficiency has already started to reduce household bills. In order to further the policies there are some niche operators that specialize in equity fund raising and corporate finance for small companies. They place a strong emphasis on enterprise investment schemes that are funded by the government. These programs give attractive EIS tax relief to encourage people to put money in small-cap unquoted companies. The benefit can be claimed on the value of the investment. Many people would consider putting their money in such firms quite risky. It is because some of these companies might just be starting their business and one would not know if they are going to succeed or fail. However, the lure of tax benefits tends to attract many investors.

These schemes are also necessary to stimulate the energy efficiency programs that the government is trying to popularize. There are many people who have plenty of questions regarding energy efficiency policies and how they are playing a role in cutting household bills. The government of the United Kingdom has pledged that by the year 2020, a considerable portion of the energy supply will be generated from renewable sources. At the present time the portion is not very high. But by implementing these programs the goal of increasing the use of renewable energy will be met and at the same time reduce the bill of the average household.

The renewable heat incentive is one such program. It was initiated in 2011. The main goal of this program was to increase the production, and use, of renewable heating technologies such as biomass boilers. Enterprise investment schemes like these are an opportunity for interested parties to put their money in as asset backed EIS companies that specialize in operating and installing renewable heating systems for commercial properties. Many people will find this offer very interesting since the renewable heat market is expanding by the day. The other point is that they will also get a minimum quarterly heat payment from clients, and a RHI tariff which will provide a consistent, index-linked income stream for at least twenty years.

In light of such information it seems like there is no better time for people to put their money in enterprise investment schemes. Another reason that these programs are so important is because global gas prices are increasing by the day. There is little that governments can do to stem this tide. This is subsequently having its effect on household expenses. If the prices continue to rise as they are now then a day will come when energy will be beyond the budget of low and middle income households. That is why so much urgency is being shown in the implementation of these programs. People who avail of the enterprise investment schemes find that there are immense benefits to the economy, small companies, the encouragement of new energy sources and themselves.

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