How to Be Financially Successful and Spiritual

Many of us wonder just how we can live through life being financially successful while simultaneously being spiritual. The process of attaining financial wealth can at times feel like a stressful process and therefore counter-intuitive to what we seek when we follow a spiritual path.

1. Define it: Spiritual wealth and financial freedom mean something different to everyone. It is important to first define what financial success means to you and then define what spiritual wealth means.
Is financial success a certain amount of money in the bank?
Does it mean being debt free?
Is it about the freedom to choose when to work and where to travel?
What about being spiritual?
Is spirituality about finding more peace and purpose?

2. Be OK with your demands: Once you have defined what spiritual and financial success means to you- it is vital that you accept that what you want is OK. For some a life of abundance means having the simple things in life. A happy and healthy family and a secure job. For others it may mean being able to travel the world giving talks, publishing books and mingling with inspiring people. There is no right or wrong! It simply is what it is for you.

3. Don't take it personally and let go: Money and finances can be quite an emotional topic for many people. It relates directly to our survival and the thought of losing it can bring up a lot of emotional baggage. For many their self-worth is linked directly to the amount of money in their bank account. Not having enough can bring up negative thoughts such as 'What is wrong with me?' and 'I must be a failure.' Furthermore, having a lot of money in the bank can strangely also illicit a similar negative though process with the inner conversation sounding something like: 'I could lose it all' or 'I have to maintain this or I will lose the love of___.' When we hang on to these beliefs we are putting enormous stress and pressure on our bodies and eventually lead ourselves down a path of harm such as ill health. It is vital to be aware of what money means to you and be willing to let go of the thoughts, habits and patterns that harm you.

4. Like attracts like:Have you heard of the law of attraction? It is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. When we are attempting to increase our income by way of acquiring a new job or launching a new product or business, we are often focused on the result. It is essential in business to be clear on your intended outcome, however, putting too much emphasis on that can actually be counterproductive. Have you ever had an experience with a sales person that left you running for the door? You could literally feel their desperation. On the other hand, have you dealt with someone where a transaction took place but it felt more like a pleasant conversation with a friend than a sales pitch? When we are able to trust that the right people will be drawn to what it is we have to offer, we release ourselves from having to try so hard and allow a natural, effortless interaction to occur.

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