Save Time With More and Powerful Features in Enterprise Solutions V14

Our last article focused on Pro/Premier. However, features I'm most excited about this year are in Enterprise Solutions. In fact, a couple have been on my wish list for quite some time, so I'm happy to finally see them in the software (job costing, customizing expense columns and price breaks based on quantities).

Customize Columns on Expense Transactions - If you've been following me for a while, you know I like to use custom fields. But what has been frustrating is that you could not pull in a custom field on an expense transaction, such as a check, bill or credit card transaction. In fact, I sometimes recommended third party software as a solution for some clients. You also couldn't pull in a sales rep and for those who pay commissions based on a net profit, which was important. With Enterprise 14, you can now do both! I can check this off my wish list - finally!!

New Job Cost Reports - If you have larger projects, these two new reports are often high on your need to know list.

Committed Costs by Job Report - costs incurred for a job but for which you haven't billed the customer. Very important and challenging to track for large projects.

Est. Cost comes from your estimate

Act. Cost represents the costs you have already billed the customer

Committed Costs are those amounts that appear on unpaid Purchase Orders for a job (we were never able to pull this into a job cost report before)

Unpaid wages come from your time sheets that have not yet been pulled into paychecks (does not include burden of labor/overhead)

Total Cost is the Act. Cost amount plus Committed Costs and Unpaid Wages

Remaining Cost represents the Est. Cost amount minus the Total Cost amount

This report depends upon you following the Job Costing flow - Job Estimate to Purchase Orders to Time Keeping and Progress Billing.

WIP Summary Report - Whether you just need this information at year end or for percent completion or to help you with over/under billing, this report is a big timesaver. You can even filter this by Sales Rep or Job Status!

The Earned Revenue column shows the amount you've earned for the job but haven't billed the customer yet.

Lots of Timesaving Inventory Features - including Assemblies and Price Breaks!

Easily edit Cost, Price, Markup and Margin - right in the Inventory Center!

Or in the Add/Edit Multiple List.

Inventory Min and Max replaces Reorder Point - This gives you flexibility AND the ability for Enterprise to help suggest a quantity to order!

Enterprise can suggest what you need to order and how much with Create Auto PO's! Once Enterprise knows your minimum and maximum quantities, plus what's already on order, you can easily create a Purchase Order with the quantities suggested for you!

Automatically build subassemblies - if you deal with assemblies and sub-assemblies (an example might be a bike with subassemblies for the frame and gears), in the past you've had to find each assembly, build it, and then you could build the bike. Now you can do this all in one step - a huge timesaver for many!

Replacing components in assemblies - We've all seen parts change with our cars and appliances, whether a part is discontinued or you use a different supplier. Now you can easily replace one part with another! (Actually, that "Where used" feature can be helpful in many ways.)

Auto Calculate cost field for assembly - Save time now that you can opt to have the cost for an assembly automatically be updated.

Simplify your various pricing options with Intuit's powerful new Advanced Pricing. I've wanted to see price breaks based on quantity for a long time and now you can! With Advanced Pricing you can create Quantity Discounts and Price Rules (which replace the Price Levels) based on multiple criteria. You turn Advanced Pricing on in the Company Preferences; this is an annual subscription program, like Advanced Inventory, the Full Service Plan and payroll.

Quantity Discount

With Advanced Pricing turned on, you can specify price based on quantity purchased and you can have several discount levels. You access this feature in the New or Edit Item screen. This is a long-needed feature for wholesalers and retailers. This also applies to services so if your customers get a price break based on the number of hours or some other unit, you can do that as well.

Price Rules

There are 2 basic steps:

  1. Set your conditions - The conditions can apply to Items, Customers, Vendors, Sales Rep. Then based on your selection, you decide if it's a type, specific name or some other criteria. Notice the plus sign so you can have multiple criteria.
  2. Set your date range, if there are limits. This is great if you have a sale or there are vendor promos.

There's lots of flexibility in the pricing options - you can even have price overrides and/or exclusions!

Advanced Pricing is $399 per year AND you must have your Full Service Plan active (amount varies depending on number of licenses).

If job costing or inventory are important aspects to your business, I would take a hard look at Enterprise this year. You can start with as little as one license. These new features eliminate the need for time consuming workarounds.

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