How to Work From Home and Manage Your Time As a Freelancer

One of the biggest problems for a freelancer is the proper time management. Sometimes we think that a certain project can be finished in a day or two, and suddenly we discover that it lasted another day beyond the original plan. Most other areas of life such as family and friends take over and don't allow us to work or on the other side - we are becoming addicted to work, and keep working around the clock without leaving any free time. So, how to work from home and still be able to do all the things you love?

Establish your work routine

If you want to become a successful freelancer, it's important to understand right away that this is work! Not a hobby or something you do in your spare time, this is your way to make income from now on! The only difference between a freelancer and a regular employee is that you as a freelance worker decide for yourself how much time, effort and amount of work you're willing to spend in order to meet the final objectives of the project!!

The best method that a novice freelancer should adopt in order not to drown in a sea of work, or on the opposite, in order not finish the month with a minus in the bank account, is establishing a work routine that one cannot exceed, just like a regular employee can't bend his daily routine. For example, you can decide that your work is supposed to be done within a framework of five days a week, eight hours a day; any hours exceeding the predetermined number of hours per working day are devoted to other aspects of life. This creates a relatively convenient situation as a freelancer acquires a complete control of his day - which hours are devoted for work and which for having fun.

The main advantage of working as a freelancer is that once you learn to follow your daily routine, you can make it more flexible anytime you need. You have something important to do today? No Worries! Just add another two hours of work every day for the next three days and there you go- you didn't miss any working hours this week. You got suddenly a new project that you are eager to finish? No Problem! You can work through the night when you are on a roll, and the next day you can go and have a good time with friends.

How to Work from Home and Not Become Workaholic

Many freelancers agree that they are addicted to their work. They work from early morning till late evening; they come home and check their email box immediately or they start their computer even before the morning coffee. Slowly their work takes over all the aspects of life and the freelance worker no longer controls his work, but the work controls him. To prevent this from happening, or in case you can see first signs in your own daily routine, it's super important to take a deep breath and understand that even if you work an extra hour- it won't make your life any better. And the most important thing - don't forget that you decided to become a freelancer to be in charge of your life and your spare time, so don't let the work control you and find free time to relax and enjoy yourself.

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