SEPA Software and SEPA Solutions: An Innovative Money Transaction Method

The European Union has been formed keeping in mind the different types of needs and necessities of the European companies and the European citizens. But this at the same time involves a huge population. The pressure is hugely felt in the banking sector where a requirement of a unified system of banking and money transaction is hugely felt. Computer networking was the perfect answer to this pressure and the software that helped the most was SEPA software.

What Is SEPA Software?

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area and it is a unified system where different kinds of money transaction and banking facilities are clubbed together. To bring uniformity, consistancy and smoothness in the operations, 27 countries of the Europena Union are included in this process with an addition of four more countries outside the union namely Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

Essential Know-How about Sepa Software

• SEPA solutions run by the software will bring a change in the banking and payment sector as experts believe that such a system has never been brought into practice in such a large scale. 8000 banks, 300 million customers and around 15 million companies are inculded within this service. Besides there are involvement of software suppliers, public corporations and clearing corporations as well.

• If SEPA solutions are fully absorbed in the system then there are different advantages of it. Payments can be conducted through a single bank and in one instalment using the similar terms laid for other types of apyments.

• The system has not been fully implemented but it aims to work on those areas where cross-borfer payments take place smoothly. This actually helps the national market of the countries to come under one roof which eventually improves the entire financial sector of the member state of the European Union. Earlier the overall cost on making transaction croos-border actually involved a lot of money that were spent mainly on administration and infrastructure. This expenditure has been hugely curtailed under this system.

• Any customer can make payments to a payee present in a different country within the union with ease with the use of a one set of payment plan only.

SEPA solutions or rather SEPA software is an extremely phenomenon which has been first conceived on 2008. SEPA software or solutions has different types of payment strantegies and schemes which were gradually implemented one by one. The first method implemented was credit transfer in the inaugural year. Direct debits and debit cards- these two schemes were implememted in the succeeding years. The European Commision took considerable time for ensuring the leagal strength of this scheme. Hence the Payment Services Directive (PSD) came after 2008. The Eutopean banks together formed a European Payment Council (EPC) which laid the infrastructural framework of SEPA. SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA Cards Framework were the three foundations on which the EPC worked to built the SEPA solutions and software schemes.

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