How to Make Money and Become More Productive

Most people don't just want to make money, they want to make more money. Unfortunately the majority think that they are going to accomplish this by working harder and longer. They fail to realize that the key to making more money is in becoming more productive. For this reason the need is to work smarter, not harder. Here are a few tips that I have learnt as a business owner that have helped me to become more productive.

Value your time. It has been said that "time is our most precious commodity", and apart from good health I would say that this statement is true. We all know the feeling when someone shows a lack of appreciation for our time. Often people who treat others with this lack of regard don't value their own time either. To become more productive, don't squander your most precious commodity and set clear boundaries so that others will value your time as much as you do.

Be good at what you do. There are those who will work their whole life eking out a living simply because they are mediocre at what they do. Artists are famous for this. Avoid falling in love with a career path before assessing if you have an aptitude for the work. Being honest with yourself in this regard will pay dividends. Find what you are good at first, then learn to enjoy doing that.

Have initiative. One of my favorite proverbs states: "He that is watching wind will not sow." If you are waiting for the perfect moment to take the first step toward achieving something, that moment is never going to come.

Be focussed and prioritize tasks. There is another saying that, "if one does not know to where they are sailing, no wind is a good wind." I watch even successful people run around like chickens with their heads cut off. To become more productive one needs to be "directing their blows so as not to be striking the wind." Be focussed and prioritize your tasks. Work diligently and do what needs to be done first, first, then move on to other, less urgent tasks.

Avoid distraction. Life has many distractions. When they appear they divide our focus and our energy starts to shift to "multitasking". Though running a load of laundry while working from a home office might be harmless enough, switching endlessly from project to project is definitely not. Try to turn your phone off or check e-mails only at prescribed times of day. People should respect that you are a busy person and understand if you don't get back to them within 5 minutes. If they don't understand, you don't want to be working with them anyhow.

Avoid debt. Though some debts may be necessary, by not reaching out for things before you can personally afford them will help you to avoid the burden of carrying an added debt load. Have you ever tried to push a wheelbarrow that has been piled up a little too high? Look at your financial path with this perspective. Yes, you might be able to push that load slowly, but start losing air in your tire and you could soon find yourself stopped dead, or even rolling backwards.

These words of wisdom regarding how to make money and become more productive have helped me to be happier and more productive in my career. If you diligently apply these principles in your life, I am sure that they will help you too.

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