Economic Collapse

It is likely the crisis that is most feared. An entire monetary crash seems progressively more inevitable with every passing week. This is not without good reason. In our fractional reserve banking system, hyperinflation is assured.

Before showing how hyperinflation transpires in a fractional reserve system, let's take a moment to have a look at what exactly hyperinflation is. There exists a generally held misunderstanding that hyperinflation is the increase of price for services or products as a result of sudden economic expansion. This is actually, very misguided. Hyperinflation, is in fact the DEvaluation of cash as a result of a governing body producing massive sums of currency, because of a deteriorating economic climate. The more currency is created, the less value it holds. Brisk increase in prices is, in a word, one effect of hyperinflation.

For an extreme example of this, look at hyperinflation in Germany in 1923.

As you are able to see with this example, out of control hyperinflation was a contributing factor for one of the most appalling conflicts in our past. That was from hyperinflation in just one nation. In our modern economic system, hyperinflation is certainly an eventuality for several countries. From the pitiful state of the U.S. financial system, to the failed Euro, to the instability and poverty throughout Asia, politicians around the globe are becoming desperate. It is reckless to think none of the governing bodies could respond by creating mass quantities of valueless currency so that they can spare themselves. At least, temporarily. Which will lead to a problem very similar to the situation we observed in Germany in 1923.

Now, how come is hyperinflation unavoidable? To have an understanding of that, we will have to discuss the banking system. Often known as the 'Central Banking System' or the 'Fractional Reserve Banking System'. This method is not entirely a result of the banks. The truth is, the federal government and the reserve are as much, if not more in control than the banking companies.

Just to be very clear, the reserve is NOT an element of the elected government. They really are an organization which was created in 1913 and controlled by the Goldman Sachs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Warburgs, Lazard Freres, Schoellkopf, Lehman Brothers and Kuhn-Loeb, each with ties to Zionists like the Carnegie, the British Royal Family, JP Morgan, Bush, Clinton, and Rumsfeld. This is really a corporation that is mind-blowingly big.

So, basically, each and every dollar the federal government has, is endebted to the federal reserve. With compounding interest. This loan is ongoing and literally, eternal. Contemplate it like so, let's assume the federal government has just converted to a completely new currency and no cash has been created with this currency yet. The federal government establishes they will need a billion units of currency. So they would go to the fed and request a billion dollars. The federal reserve LENDS the gov't a billion dollars, with compounding interest. For the sake of simplicity, let us assume that with interest the gov't is required to repay 1.1 billion. Except, just 1 billion dollars of currency actually is in existence. So, they must go back to the federal reserve and get a loan for more funds to pay the loan. But the funds they borrowed to repay the loan, also has interest applied to it. Therefore they need to borrow progressively more over again. And so on and so on.

This ensures it is not possible for the government to repay their debts and has to always borrow increasingly more funds. Here's the alarming part. This method is not actually hypothetical. This is exactly what's been occurring worldwide for 100 years. The compound interest on all this currency has actually been going on for so long that nowadays, under 1% of the funds that the gov't borrows actually moves into circulation. Nearly all of it goes right back to the fed as payment on the earlier loans.

In a manner of speaking, every last dollar that exists happens to be a debt receipt to the federal reserve. Then take into account that in contrast to our less complicated explanation, in reality that interest is also compounding. Compounding interest, in addition to a relentless routine of brand new loans, means exponential increase to the loan payments that the federal reserve demands in return. This can only work for as long as the economy is able to keep up. If ever the economic conditions remain in full blown depression, the governing body only truly has a couple of possible choices. First, drop the reserve and launch a completely new form of money. Not especially likely because of the range of political figures which are personally invested in the federal reserve. Or second, begin manufacturing even larger quantities of cash, lowering the value of the money and thus setting-off hyperinflation.

It's pretty clear that the government officials will put their own individual self-interests first. By which I mean, that the first choice won't really be taken into consideration. With the shape of the economy today, that has us balancing on the edge of hyperinflation. If that is allowed to happen, there can be a whole realm of realistic outcomes, not one of which are desirable and many are quite disturbing. Famine, poverty and homelessness are nearly assured. And additionally, there is the potential for governing bodies collapsing, chaos, possibly even World War III. It is important to point out, that as of 2011 a lot of military strategists think that the planet is now in more threat of thermo-nuclear warfare than it previously was through the course of the Cold War. This has absolutely nothing to do with Al Qaeda or U.S. based crusades into the middle east. The possibility exists as a result of the pure misery and despair that numerous world powers are battling with. If the general public is ravenous, and your atomic bombs are doing nothing but taking up space, eliminating all of your neighbours and snatching their resources, seems to be a tolerable idea.

These are the reasons a lot of people feel that a complete monetary collapse is pre-determined, and also why so many individuals are preparing for the worst. A monetary failure is not simply a situation of folks being too poor to acquire a new car or truck, or go on a holiday. It can quickly cost millions of lives, and alter our entire way of life for everyone who survives.

As comprehension of this state of affairs propagates, gold, silver, and other precious metals investments, seem to be more favored than they ever were in the past.

Quite a few people acquiring gold and silver as of late are not the sort of men and women you might imagine, like the stock brokers or wall street types. Recently, gold and silver is now being chosen by the blue collar folks. They have been growing disillusioned of central banks because of their ongoing control of the worth of money, and the prime interest rate. Increasingly, the public is feeling they have been enslaved by inflation and interest rates. Attempting pay their monthly bills and keep a roof over their heads, has grown more and more difficult.

In the present banking system, lots of people think these kinds of issues will undoubtedly continue to keep get worse. Any sort of progress is going to be trivial or short-lived. There is absolutely no belief in typical investment options such as cash deposits, term deposits, or stocks, as all of these options could very well become utterly useless instantaneously. Even the idea of trying to hide cash under the bed mattress isn't safe. The value of cash money itself keeps dropping. Lately, a lot of people wonder about whether it will hold any kind of value whatsoever in a few months time.

Though it is scary, there are certainly actions you can take to shelter yourself from the difficult days in front of us. Currency is paper, it has in it no greater significance then the value the government grants it. Don't depend upon money or credit cards to aid you in the event that things take a dive. To thrive throughout economic collapse, you really need products and or resources of real value. Resources, food, and gold will consistently offer trade relevance, in spite of the value of the currencies.

Of these products and resources, food supplies require very careful safe-keeping to avoid rot. Gasoline, lumber, as well as other industrial resources call for a great deal of storage space, and often are unhealthy or unsafe. That leaves the precious metals. These metals are harmless, may be stored virtually anyplace, and small amounts are very valuable.

Out of the precious metals, the most sought-after is gold. Gold has been treasured by most people going back millennia. It lasted through time, and demonstrated that it will continually hold its significance, even outlasting the rise and fall of civilizations. Gold offers a major advantage over various other metals for the reason that it doesn't tarnish, degrade or rust through the years. For these reasons, people from all different backgrounds are in a gold investing frenzy.

These folks do not have an interest in gold IRA accounts or other precious metal futures markets that are out there. They like to invest in gold. Proper, material gold. Gold bars, ounce gold coins, or any other physical, easily valued gold. This offers people the peace of mind that if the current system collapses, they are able to go forward, and will have something of high value to trade for merchandise. These days, a lot of people are even turning their 4O1k, and other investments, to gold.

For individuals who are worried about the governments' manipulation of all the things that relate to currency, a single ounce gold coin can mean protection, stability, staying alive and financial freedom. The attractiveness of investing in some gold, is the fact that whether or not the economy does get better and strengthen, that gold is still a great asset that will provide a comfy retirement.

All things considered, it is the nearest thing to a assured investment choice, that any one can wish for.

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