Christian Money Matters - Managing and Making Money From Home

Managing Money, and Making Money From Home

I am starting a new Sunday School class session this quarter taught by Aaron Cruse and Chris Von Cannon about managing money. Therefore, I am going to writing several articles related to what I learn concerning money matters. These articles will not only be about managing money, but also legitimate ways to make money from home that I have either researched and found to work, or things that I am actively doing to earn money from home, or I have done in the past and had success with.

There are no two ways about it, in today's economy a person, especially a Christian, need to think outside of the box now, in order to make ends meet. I have been in the home-based business arena for over three decades and have no "J.O.B." outside of working for myself. Some of the insights I can share that are not scams, but honest legitimate work-from-home ways to earn extra money. They actually work, and you actually make money.

Providing For One's Family Is Not a Laughing Matter

I have been laughed at many times in my life for some of the things I've done to earn money, but when it comes to providing for my family, I have never really seen it as a laughing matter. Sometimes just an extra little bit of cash per week could represent a tuition bill for your child to have a godly, private education at a good Christian school or academy, while to others it can simply mean eating, and having your utilities not being disconnected.

I'll highlight in different articles in the future, which are real life things that I have either done, or am doing to earn money from home. I enjoy not having a job, and to be honest, I really have a tough time working for others, because of all the "politics" that are involved with corporate America; perhaps I'll go into that a little more in another article. Suffice it to say, I am "mentally unemployable," however.

The Fiscal and Economical Difference Between Making It or Filing Bankruptcy

I understand as a Christian that filing bankruptcy is not the thing to do. This section of this article is not meant to discuss that point. As I have listened to different financial speakers and business leaders speak on the topic of making money, or what happens to married couples when it comes to money, and there's been one thing that has stuck with me for years. In fact you could have pushed me over with a feather when I originally heard it, because it really was a mind-blowing statistic that I had trouble believing. However, I later verified it as fact.

It was several years ago now that I heard this story; in fact, it was the very first year in history that bankruptcies being filed went over one million in the United States. What a shame! When you read a little further you'll understand why that number is such an astonishing shame.

The speaker was telling us (the audience) that it was the first time in our nation's history that bankruptcies were going to be over one million, in one year's time (amazing I thought) but what he said next blew my mind! He said that half of them, which is 500,000... FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND... bankruptcies could have been completely avoided with an additional $250... TWO HUNDRED FIFTY... dollars in monthly income!! That was a shocking revelation that has stuck with me to this day.

Creative Ways To Earn Money, When You Think Outside The Box

I know when people see a section with a title like the one above they start RUNNING the other way. However, I'm not talking about weird or stupid things to earn money. I'm referring to things that are everyday, normal things for a person to do who has a creative imagination and a little gumption.

Here's a perfect example... I was visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Ohio for Christmas in 2012. While we were there we got a beautiful blanket of 3-5 inches of snow. It really was quite a sight to a resident of North Carolina for the last 12 years. Well, it's sorta funny really... one of my nephews is quite entrepreneurial, while the other is not. So the entrepreneurial one said to his mom, "Mom, is it okay if I go and see if I can shovel some driveways, and earn some extra money for myself?" Pleased to see her son being such a go-getter,, she said, "Sure, just bundle up and stay warm." So out he goes, cell phone in pocket, and shovel in tow. The next thing I know, he's thrilled, and can hardly speak into the phone, as he has secured his first snow shoveling job within mere minutes. As the day finished, my nephew had earned $54 in total just having a creative imagination and a go-getter spirit.

Get a "Real Job!"

I remember about 20 years ago or so now, I used to sell flowers on the street corners of Northwest Indiana. I used to hear this just about every day; "Get a real job!" When I started I must admit, I was a bit out of my element because I was always taught the "traditional thinking," get a good education, and get a good job. It still resounds through the homes and school hallways of America today. I find it interesting, however, that my friend who I learned the scrap metal business from worked stocking shelves at WalMart on third shift, he had two degrees, and one was a Masters! I do not tell anyone who thinks highly of education anything negative. I wish I had more book knowledge myself now that I'm 48. However, for those who are more entrepreneurial in nature, I fan those flames and try to help them think more creatively.

There will be other articles about managing money, and making money; however, all the articles will be from a truthful, Christian standpoint, furthermore, things that I have either done, or checked thoroughly, or helped others to successfully. I look forward to your comments.

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