Investment Counselor Career - Why You Should Use a Financial Advisor Recruiter

Are you looking for a position in the financial services industry? Big corporations often don't even list the jobs they have available. As a result, your best bet is to contact a financial advisor recruiting firm, which have developed relationships with the top financial services firms. They have the best, highest paying jobs on file and are searching for the right person to fill the position.

Investment Counselor / Financial Advisor Jobs

Privately-held investment management firms manage portfolios for high net worth clients and institutions. They search for talented finance professionals to serve as Investment Counselors, who are typically assigned to specific clients. Although there are particular qualifications for each company's job opportunity, there are some areas that are pretty much the same with them all.

Responsibilities of an Investment Counselor

An investment counselor, or financial advisor, oversees high-net-worth client relationships. Their focus is on client retention. There is no prospecting, cold-calling or selling involved. Investment counselors are expected to impart current market strategy and portfolio updates to their assigned clients. They also act as the liaison between wealthy clients and the Company's investment decision-makers.

Investment counselors are also expected to take part in the firm's training and mentoring program. This helps them gain advanced finance and capital markets education.

Qualifications for a Financial Advisor

Most large corporations expect a bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience, as well as at least 3 years' experience in the investment industry or financial services. The applicant should have a strong knowledge of finance and capital markets.

In addition to education and experience, if a job applicant wants to obtain a top job in the finance industry, he or she needs to have developed certain personal skills. To succeed, they need to...

  • Be efficient
  • Have excellent time management skills
  • Be charismatic with great communication skills

How to Prepare for an Investment Counselor Career

If you've obtained your degree but don't have enough experience, you may want to investigate intern programs with investment companies. If the company you are working for is impressed with your work, you could be offered a permanent job with them. Working as an assistant to a Financial Advisor is another way to gain experience, especially if you are given the opportunity to take on more responsibility over time, working your way up to a full-fledged FA.

Your resume is incredibly important when you approach a financial advisor recruiter. There are certain things they prefer, and you'd do well to pay attention to those preferences if you don't want your resume tossed away immediately. For one, keep your resume to one page only. Don't include personal information such as your marital status, kids, hobbies and the like - your resume should only contain your education and experience. Use quality white or off-white paper if you are sending it in.

Never send off a resume until you have edited it carefully and had at least two other people review it for errors. If you are having trouble creating a good resume, it is well worth the expense to confer with a professional resume writer.

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