Campus Debit Cards Benefit Both Schools and Students

Campus debit cards are changing the way higher education institutions do business--from student loan payments to on- and off-campus spending to account reconciliation. Used as a dual debit card and identification card, campus cards continue to grow in popularity with colleges, students, and their parents because of their versatility, ease of use, savings, and security benefits.

Since campus debit cards can be loaded with funds--and not linked with a bank account--students have a fast and simple way to buy virtually everything they need, and higher education institutions make more money in the process.

Benefits of Campus Debit Cards for Students
These cards are great alternatives to cash. They provide students with a way to track and view their spending--something they can't easily do with cash. They can also avoid last minute, costly trips to the ATM since they have their money already loaded on their card.

Campus debit cards are convenient for parents to add funds and, if the card is ever lost or stolen, it can be easily replaced and the money is protected-something cash can't offer either. Benefits for students include:
• Accessibility - Students can use it just like a regular debit card anywhere they shop.
• Convenience - Students can buy what they need without using cash.
• Availability - Money is available right away and students don't have to worry about going to the bank or ATM fees.
• Money management - Parents and students can easily monitor spending and make sure they're staying on budget.

Instead of dealing with paper paychecks or waiting for deposits to clear at the bank, campus debit cards also enable student payroll and financial aid payments to be automatically loaded and the money is available immediately.

Benefits to Higher Education Institutions
Campus debit cards offer many advantages to higher education institutions as well, including:
• Reducing costs - Schools can eliminate the costs associated with paper checks, and streamline and lower the costs of reconciliation.
• Increasing sales - They make it easier and more convenient for students to buy everything they need on campus so they are more likely to keep their money close to home.
• Improving security - Their cards can double as student ID cards required to access secure campus facilities.
• Simplifying financial aid - They are also fully integrated with the Department of Education's Title IV for financial aid disbursement requirements.

Campus debit cards make buying, spending, and receiving payments easier, safer, and more cost-effective for everyone. With unmatched convenience and flexibility, they are the best all-in-one solution for higher education institutions, students, and parents alike.

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