President Obama: Emancipation 2013?

Time for hope and change. Why doesn't President Obama call an emergency closed door meeting with Congress? The purpose is, "Ric's Plan;" to put pressure, and convince Congress that they need to speak with their lobbyist, today. What is in everyone's best interest, is that their lobbyist persuade their corporation's to immediately put into work and start the best of what they have planned on their book's (new divisions, upgrades, etc.,) now, with jobs in the USA a primary consideration! If all corporations put the best of their plans into work, we would have an all at once, coordinated effort by our corporations, to jump start the American economy and create millions of jobs. Wouldn't this bring some certainty where there has only been uncertainty? Why not at the same time have a committee put together the plans for the "infrastructure bank," and have those plans finalized and started in a few days? This is just the beginning of the plan... What did happen with corporations and FDR during those 18 months prior to December 1941?

Don't we need urgent action, and not business as usual, with the state of our depression like economy, that is trending worse and facing... ?

Corporations are doing better than ever, looking at profits and productivity; don't corporations owe "We the People," just a little risk taking for 2013, and start creating jobs, today?

Is one of the reason's corporations have done so well in these last few recessions, due to loopholes, and at times blind-eye politicians (politicians not following up on regulators, and/or under funding or not funding oversight agencies, etc.?)

Does money really have a label of D or R; aren't Congressmen of both parties paid for by the exact same corporations?

Do we really have a two party system, or is it a one party system of corporate governance?

Don't all profitable corporations have plans on their books that they would like to execute, today, but with the uncertainty in our economy, the prudent move for these corporations has been to stay liquid?

If we jump start the American economy today, how will corporate earnings look in 2014, and 2015?

Why doesn't Congress start dialing for jobs, instead of dialing for dollars?

Could something as simple as, if the Rating Agencies, or if the Rating Agencies Regulators had done their jobs correctly, would 2008 have even happened?

What was the turn of events that allowed Rating Agencies to become alchemist, in the beginning of the 21st century? "Credit and Credibility" video

Isn't a major problem today in going after questionable actions of corporations, the fact that in some cases our regulators were present when these questionable actions were occurring, so how do you prosecute, if government was present?

When is Congress going to reenact the Glass-Steagall Act?

Why are, three of the four too big fail Wall Street firms of 2008, larger institutions now in 2013?

What is happening to our national debt?

If Congress had not turned a blind-eye to businesses who hired illegal immigrants in the 90's and the first 5 years of the 21st century, would we have 12 million illegal immigrants in our country today in 2013?

Why in 2002, the World Economic Forum ranked U.S. infrastructure 5th in the world, and today in its latest report, we were 25th?

How do they keep us, "We the People," so distracted, while the country is crumbling down around us?

Something has gone painfully wrong in our USA in the last 30 years, doesn't it seem that way to you?

Is it time our politicians seriously work at getting Americans, back to work?

Don't we need a real sense of URGENCY, TODAY, JOBS?

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