Your Financial Education

I am sure of the fact that many people are unfulfilled in their lives, particularly with their jobs, relationships and financial status. Today I want to discuss a very important issue- and I believe that many people will agree with me. I will start with this question: With the way the economy has turned,what do you think is the solution to financial lack?

Not many people have the guts or even the patience to learn about money. Human beings are creatures of habit and if one is happy with just going about their usual routine - though it may always bring them disappointment- then that is what that person will do until something so drastic happens that forces them to finally take action. Even if you do not become a big business owner, why not invest your money as opposed to saving it in the traditional way?

Financial education is, undoubtedly the most crucial element of education every person needs in this world to enjoy life. I am terrified of people who have the 'its fine to have just enough' mentality because we all know that having just enough means being able to pay your bills then hoping someone helps you get by along the month. Have you ever heard someone tell you they have more month than money? Unfortunately, for millions, the world over, that is the average person's cry. It is sad really, that we choose to use outdated strategies that were used up to five decades ago that will not only disappoint us but will see us living in abject poverty during our retirement years.

I have made it a mission to educate myself financially for my well-being. I find that it is especially important for women to learn about making and managing money because too often women rely on their counterparts for support and are often disappointed. Decide today what you want in future and plan for it meticulously. Attend seminars, read books, seek out mentors and most importantly, stay focused because if you sell your dream to someone else you will be miserable for the rest of your life. Oh, and love does NOT pay the bills!

For women, I suggest you read 'Rich Woman' by Kim Kiyosaki and 'Rich Dad's Guide To Investing' by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Have a splendid day and remember to put your financial education above all else because then you can have a firm foundation to do anything that you want.

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