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Capital One Bank Offers Many Good Online Resources

Capitol One is one of the most recognized names in the credit card industry, and millions of people enjoy the benefits of this service, but today they also are becoming known for online banking. In 2012 ING sold their American banking branch to Capitol One, and after a seamless transition, 7.5 million people are appreciating the convenience, benefits, and comfort of banking at home with Capital One 360 Online Banking.

Many Capital One 360 customers are most happy with the savings account features offered to them. While most traditional banks have very low interest rates, Capital One gives users a much more competitive rate to save money, often boasting 15 times higher rate than other banks. They also do not charge fees and have no minimum requirement for accounts. They offer free transfers and are FDIC insured. One of the most interesting features is their sub-account to help online users to track savings for certain categories. For example, one might have a vacation fund, emergency fund, or even a special fund for holidays. This allows customers to automatically deposit money into selected accounts, helping them set savings goals and track their progress.

Traditional checking accounts are also popular with users. These are competitive for earning interest, and also have no maintenance fees or minimum required balance. Users can write checks, make ATM withdrawals at over 40,000 ATM machines in the US, and utilize online bill pay. They can also use debit cards and do not have overdraft fees. Mobile apps and electronic transfers are also making this way of banking even more convenient. They offer "remote check deposit," which means customers can take a picture of a check with Snapshot, their smartphone app, and remotely deposit it. They save time and money as there are no stamps, envelopes, or mailing hassles.

One of the growing trends today is teaching teens and kids about money, and Capital One 360 provides a complete resource to parents to help with this. One of these is an account called MONEY, and it caters to teens and parents. This gives the same excellent benefits of other accounts, but it provides parents with texts and alerts to keep up with transfers. There are also other account options to help younger kids to learn about earning interest, and there is even an option to directly deposit some or all of their allowance into their account.

Capital One 360 also offers a range of other banking options, including home equity loans, stock investments, retirement accounts, and business related savings accounts, CDs, and 401 (K) plans. One of the most convenient, unique choices is the direct integration to Sharebuilder. This is an online broker that allows customers to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. The unique pairing of Capital One and Sharebuilder online, is just one more convenience that draws in customers.

Capital One continues to be known for its excellence in the credit card industry, but customers are realizing that Capital One 360 Online Banking offers them a complete banking experience without leaving their homes or businesses. More and more people are choosing Capital One online banking services to work with their busy lives, helping them become more financially secure.

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