Choosing Quality Paper Products

You reach a certain age where price doesn't matter because you are getting quality. From a business perspective I can understand why reducing quality will lower price; but as a consumer, I don't want a cheap product because the price is cheap. For example, publications are going digital faster than any former paper-product run business, aside from the actual paper business. However, it is because of this huge industry going digital that paper companies are lowering costs and selling cheaper paper in terms of quality.

Paper products are used for parking tickets, ATM receipts, point of sales, gaming tickets, medical paper (prescription paper), or cleaning products. It is more than just printer paper for at-home computers.

Recycled paper is said to less quality paper, which isn't the case. Recycled paper is made from post-consumer content. It is made from technology that creates high-quality paper, like any other. However, choosing recycled paper gives the environmentally conscious consumer some ease of mind. Another myth I'll debunk is BPA in paper... While I advise double-checking, I wouldn't be too concerned with BPA in paper. Most is BPA free.

Thermal paper is sourced from quality suppliers and is priced appropriately. It fits all OEM makes and models and is BPA free. Long run labels use direct thermal and thermal transfer labels. Labels are produced on any size core. Long-run label features include:

==> 20 inches wide
==> in-line folding
==> Direct thermal
==> Six color presses with three die stations
==> 4 high speed slitter-rewinders
==> Runs of 4 million and larger

Mobile printing is a fashion used by parking attendants handing out tickets. While they are not everyone's favorite person, someone has to do it. Anyway, mobile printing rolls are premium paper with up to 8 colors and have advanced security features to prevent fraud; there is commonly free warehousing and quick turnaround times for on any order sizes.

I often opt out of receiving an ATM receipt, but the financially wiser person wouldn't to keep track of finances withdrawn or deposited. Banks and alive vendors are choosing quality ATM paper for customers choosing to accept the receipt. Options for this paper gives financial institutions ATM audit rolls, teller receipt rolls, bank statements in jumbo rolls or custom coin wraps.

As a customer or consumer, it is up to us to make a fuss or compliment the quality of products. That statement can easily be made by not purchasing cheap products. In a sense we set the standard of what quality is, companies understand that.

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