EMS Billing Solutions to Increase Revenue and Reduce Patient Compliants

Up-front collections are rarely done in any hospital environment. It is seen more at out patient facilities than hospital emergency rooms. That said there are ways around collecting medical payments without up-front collection means. Agencies are reducing administrative costs and achieving full compliance to optimize revenue with combine full service solutions. This applies to EMS billing, eMedicReports, consulting, fire service billing and claims management process.

Combined full service solution delivers efficiency and results by simply completing the required incident report with a web-based NEMSIS Gold Certified ePCR solution. The solutions result in improved patient care and full compliance with all regulatory entities. Typical stakeholders are:
• Patients
• Hospital or Health care professionals
• Medical control authorities
• Billing operations
• Agency level CQI/QA professionals
• State reporting repositories
• IT departments

An additional EMS or fire department billing solution involves working with a third party, such as Medical Claims Management ten-phase process. This solution optimizes revenue generation; ensuring dispatch activities are managed through final collection. Such activities include:
• Medic level incident report documentation training- how to develop a compliant and effective report
• Establishment or analysis of charge of strategies
• Development of ordinances, HIPPA policies, and collection policies
• Review of contractual agreements
• Establishment of electronic data exchanges
• Establishment of reporting preferences

Traditional billing does not work. Accounts receivables are in higher debt than ever before. Great lengths are taken to collect debts, but are just as easily given up on because collectors know that patient has no money to give. Utilizing a third party for bill collection purposes is sometimes that extra step needed to obtain lost money. In this economy, no business can risk losing money where it is due.

Try a demo version, if necessary. Reputable third parties offer demo versions before committing. A service worth having takes time to find and is worth testing the waters before diving right in. A good company is willing to allow a trial error of clients too; understanding that a client needs to trust them.

To blame fault in this business is hard to do and a waste of energy. Patients begin complaining about bills coming six months after the procedure; complaining that they don't have the money for the bill at the time. There are payment methods and solutions that need to be implemented right away in the industry. That would eliminate complaints from a patient's perspective and increase revenue from the business perspective.

Up-front collections are an aggressive approach, which is why many organizations do not go this route. However, no one wants to lose money. Work with a third party to the optimal revenue benefit.

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