7 Advantages of Using Advanced MICR Check Scanning for Check Clearing

There are a number of benefits and advantages for businesses and personally, of using MICR Check Scanning for the clearing of checks.

Your Cash Flow will be greatly improved because Online Payment Solutions like eRemitpro are able to scan your checks to an account of your choice.

Operational efficiency is improved because it is no longer necessary to waste time depositing your checks and handling paper remittances for your business transactions. Invoice Presentment can also be done using this scanning method.

In the same way that Recurring ACH Payments are a smart solution, MICR Check scanning is another smart solution for your business. A Remote Check Deposit Service will simplify your operational methods and accelerate your receivables.

This Remote Check Deposit Service enables you to save time while focusing more on your daily business operations.

You will no longer have to prepare your checks for physical delivery to the bank. Overnight postal service and couriers no longer have to be used for deposits. All you have to do is scan the checks at any time that suits you. The images will be transmitted to the bank. You will also be able to make additional deposits into your bank account for ledger credit, due to generous cut-off times.

The management and predictability of your cash flow will be improved because of the generous availability schedules. It only takes two days for your funds to be available to you, from the time of deposit.

Improved and Increased deposit accuracy is another advantage because the user-friendly technology provides very accurate amount comparisons and enhanced image quality. Deposits are balanced and check images must meet check clearing. This is checked by Easy-to-use correction screens, to ensure that there are fewer errors and deposit adjustments.

All the check images are stored and available to view for up to forty-five days. There are also deposit reports which contain sixty days of historical information which you can access. Immediate access to all records will be given to you during this time period, should you have any questions about a check deposit. This process makes deposit reconciliations and customer inquiries easy to resolve.

The eRimtpro software is easy to install and can be integrated with your current operational systems. You will be able to customize the software to meet your customer's requirements.

The program is secure and your information is protected. You will be given excellent service and support if you need assistance.

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