Leveraging Your Stuff - Where To Sell Everything

Credit repair is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. Part of it is to settle your debts and start building some savings again, a process that many people find frustrating and demoralizing. How can you save money when you're in so much debt already, short of giving up sleep to get another job?

One strategy that works for many people is to take a hard look at all the stuff in their garage, attic, or basement and start selling it. This is a great strategy in many ways: The fact that it's collecting dust somewhere and not being used indicates you don't actually need this stuff, it cleans up your home and organizes your life, and it can lead to some significant extra money that can be used to get you out of debt more quickly or to build up your savings. Here's where you can sell anything you've got clogging up your storage areas.

Clothes: If you've got designer labels in your closets that you never wear or that no longer fit, but are in good condition, your best bet will be a local consignment store. Most cities have at least one second-hand fashion shop - brings your goods there and see what you can get for them.

Books: A fine collection of older, rarer books can fetch decent money; a stack of recent mass market paperbacks, not so much. If you have some quality older books, your best bet is eBay. With tens of millions of people looking every day, you'll have the best shot of reaching an educated collector who will pay good value for the book.

Electronics: If you have devices that are relatively new they can be sold for 50%-75% of their original price, if in good condition. Small items like phones or laptops can be sold on eBay efficiently, but you'll lose anywhere from 10%-15% to fees. Larger items are best sold on Craigslist - plus you'll save the fees.

Toys: If they're classic collectibles from childhood, eBay is probably best. If they're in poor condition or are newer toys leftover from your own kids, a garage sale is your best bet - toys are one of the few items that sell reliably at garage sales. Set your tag price a little high so you can negotiate down at Game Time.

Remember, stuff is just stuff. Slimming down your life while fattening your bank account is a win-win situation.

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