Best Business To Start: Robert Kiyosaki Recommends The Most Intelligent Option

Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad, Poor Dad mega-fame wrote a book in 2010 explaining exactly why network marketing is the very best business to start. It is entitled The Business Of The 21st Century and it details a few hard facts that most of us don't ever think about. The first is that we have been conditioned to get good grades in order to get a good job. And while that may offer a middle class lifestyle, if you are lucky, it certainly won't make you rich.

Kiyosaki breaks down the population into 4 quadrants, or categories: Employed, Self Employed, Business Owner and Investor. Employed people are the worst off, dependent upon the economy, the corporation, the boss, and every other imaginable variable to continue to provide for their families. Most folks think that becoming self employed is the answer. But, the truth is that the self employed work the hardest of all, and they must continue to work. If they take a day off, business and the revenue it provides, stops. A far better way to spend your time is as a business owner. Here leverage becomes evident. Leverage means that not only do you profit from your own efforts, but also the efforts of your employees. And if you take a day off, the business continues to be run by your management team. But, the smartest of us all are investors. Investors take the money they already have and make more money with it. They don't have to work at all. Their money does the work for them.

For the common man, the question becomes: How do we move from the poor quadrants of employed or self employed to the rich quadrants of business owner and investor? What is the very best business to start that takes us where we need to go? And, hold onto your hats, folks, because Robert Kiyosaki tells us quite clearly. The very best business to start is network marketing. Network marketers are considered investors because they invest their time for a larger payout in the future.

Did you know that two of the richest men in the world own network marketing companies? They are Warren Buffet and Richard Branson. These two financial wizards do so because they know the business model is flawless. And Bill Gates has said that if he had it to do all over again, he'd choose to start a network marketing company.

Network marketing is the absolute best business to start because it has no inventory you have to buy and store. No bricks and mortar location is required. There are no employees or the liabilities having employees entails. Network marketing is the best business to start because you truly do own your own business and you can use it to build your life exactly as you chose to live it. You have residual income that continues to grow and you always work your own hours. And best of all, your income actually increases as you get older and head towards retirement, not the other way around. Imagine that. We all know social security is a farce. Yet, network marketing is the very best business to start because it allows you to retire and still continue to reap the financial benefits of the work you've already done. There is no better business model out there for creating a lot of leverage. In fact, it has been said that giving it your very best effort in the right parent company can reap you financial independence and true wealth in a mere 4 years.

Build a good team and your team continues to produce. Train them well and they will also train well those they bring into your organization. And soon enough, you have hundreds of well trained people all working hard and continuing to show others exactly how to achieve the very same result. Network marketing is the very best business to start because you reap a portion of thee rewards of every single one of those people. The leverage created by your team's hard work starts to work for you in a very big way, creating residual income and making network marketing the absolute best business to start because it has the potential to make you incredibly wealthy. Compare becoming independently wealthy with network marketing in as little as 1 to 4 years with dedication and hard work versus the old model of going to school and working hard for a minimum of 30 years with hopes for a safe retirement if you watch your pennies along the way. An example of the magnitude of wealth that can be achieved is exemplified by my parent company's top earner, a 16 star diamond director. Diamond directors make on the average of $874k a year. Now, multiply that by 16 and you begin to get an idea of the kind of power for change network marketing holds in the lives of you and your family and your causes.These kinds of figures make it quite clear why network marketing is the very best business to start.

Robert Kiyosaki is a very intelligent man. One thing successful people do is emulate the achievements of those who already know what they are doing. They do their best to learn from others who have already achieved similar goals. I'll listen to Mr. Kiyosaki any day of the week. And apparently, I am not the only one touting his praises. After all, Rich Dad, Poor Dad was # 1 on the New York Times Best seller list. And it remained on that list for more than 6 years. Rich Dad, Poor Dad continues to be the best selling business book of all time. Robert has written 16 books on financial freedom and how to achieve it. Those books have sold more than 27 million copies. If Robert tells us that network marketing is the very best business to start, and every aspect indicates sound advice, why in the world would we not listen? Especially in light of the fact that you can begin while keeping your day job and devoting just an hour a day to your new business to start and by investing less than $1000. You determine how much you can give and how much to devote. You incrementally make it worth your while as you go along.

Network marketing truly is an incredible opportunity to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, to educate your children without penny pinching, to vacation with your spouse in the exotic locales you dream of visiting and stoke the marital fires, to retire without worry, to handle medical issues without stress, to live with absolute freedom. As we work hard and age, it only makes sense to do everything possible to reap the most rewards we can for our labor. Network marketing allows us all the vast opportunities to create our dreams. Every aspect indicates that network marketing is without a doubt, the soundest financial decision you could ever make, and the very best business to start.

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