You Are The Value

The biggest lie of all times - and most damaging in my opinion - by governments, banks and financial institutions is that they deliberately withheld and actively hid the fact that You Are The VALUE... not money or even precious metals. They are just the representation of the value or eternal essence... your soul.

The body is the transmitting utility or vehicle of value. Value is ENERGY which comes from each one of us. Your body is the vehicle that energy moves through in every operation of Being or Doing. The VALUE, your value is that energy. The system has been stealing your value. It started at the supposed registration of your birth which was actually the birth of a legal entity, trust, strawman or PERSON in your name. You can find more information about the birth certificate process here.

Every being in the Universe is eternal essence, every being is the VALUE or soul. That VALUE has been returned by the UCC filings of the former One Peoples Public Trust. All the value has been returned, the title, ownership and custody. It's not that the soul or essence has been physically taken but as in a house which is immoveable the title and ownership has been transferred, in this case illegally, by the system (for example some of the members of the 13 bloodline families). One of the main ways they did this was through the birth certificate process.

Since the UCC filings there has been lots of banker resignations, even whole governments have resigned. There is lots of unrest throughout the world. Pretty much everything you have done up till now they have 'bonded' and made billions in profits. Within the system they have been trading your value every minute of every day. They hid the whole VALUE concept through the birth bond account and trust that was created in your name. They stole everything by using and working under the commercial registry (UCC). People, schools, universities, prisons, countries and so on are all corporations.

When eternal essence 'embodies' this is actually the 'Notice' that the soul is in the body and is able to use that body to manifest and create ie value. What the system does is use the birth certificate process to take over the body ie title, ownership, custody. All the paperwork is sent off to the world bank and IMF. From that day onwards you are unwittingly doing everything under the guise of your corporation/trust. Your account at Central Bank is charged. All the paperwork from the courts and so on is sent to the same central area and they get credits for every transaction or contract.

According to the system you do everything by your own freewill choice - all be it very often under the threat of fines, costs, and even imprisonment. You do not have to contract with the system, even when they threaten you. If you are 'forced' to sign something always put the words 'without prejudice' before your signature which means that you can't be held to a contract which you havn't seen all the facts to.

The good news is that your VALUE has always been accessible. The financial system is a physical representation of the energetics. It is a transfer system so the tools are very good. However the issue is that they stole what didn't belong to them... your VALUE. They also hid large parts of the financial system, the debt part you see is just one aspect of that system, but there is another part which will be revealed shortly.

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